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Griffith Littlehale

20 years of growing organic vegetables and Griffith Littlehale is a traditional Midwest Americana personality, having spent his early years and being raised in Toledo, Ohio. He attended St. Francis De Sales High School, where he graduated in 2018 with one of the highest grades in his class (rank eight). He was also interested in school sports and was named an All-American Swimmer in 2017-2018. Griffith’s graduation was significant for receiving additional academic honors in addition to the regular passing and completion of classes.

Griffith chose psychology as his major in college, with a special interest in clinical practice, as indicated by his current 4.0 PGA at the University of Toledo, where he is seeking a bachelor’s degree in the area. Griffith’s early college grades were so impressive that he was nominated for and received the President’s Education Award for his first-year achievement. Griffith’s academic achievements also garnered him honors from the Jesup Scott Honors College and the Kappa Psi Fraternity.

Griffith Littlehale

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